May 12, 2012

Tools for view/edit/convert .dds 支援 dds 圖像的處理工具

DirectDraw (.dds) file is usually used by graphical textures for games.
Below list some tools for viewing,editing and converting .dds.

DirectDraw (.dds) 檔案通常用來當做遊戲中的圖形素材。
以下列出支援 .dds 的瀏覽、編輯、轉換工具

Remove hiberfil.sys in windows 7 移除 Windows 7 中的休眠檔案 hiberfil.sys

Hibernation is enabled by default in Windows 7.
This function need a large size file "hiberfil.sys".
If you don't need hibernation, you can turn off it and remove hiberfil.sys to get more disk space .

休眠模式在 Windows 7 中預設啟用,該功能會需要一個 hiberfil.sys 的大檔來啟用功能。
如果您不需要休眠模式,可以將休眠關閉以移除 hiberfil.sys 來取得更多空間。

May 11, 2012

Delete remote desktop connection history 清除遠端桌面連線記錄

Every time you log in with remote desktop connection, it will keep history as long as possible.

There are 2 methods here to remove these connection history with Windows 7.

這裡列出 Windows 7 下的二個方法來刪除/移除遠端桌面連線記錄。

May 2, 2012

Display UTF-8 text in Eclipse 在 Eclipse 中顯示 UTF-8 文字

If you read text file that encoded with UTF8, Eclipse will show some strange text in Console window.
This is because Eclipse process text encode by MS950 but not for UTF-8.

如果在 Eclipse 讀取 UTF8 的文字檔時,會發現在 Console 視窗顯示亂碼。
這是因為 Eclipse 預設以 MS950 處理文字,而非 UTF-8。

Apr 24, 2012

Free upgrade Skydirve space from 7 GB to 25 GB 免費升級 Skydrive 空間到 25 GB

Although Microsoft provide 25 GB Skydrive space in the first time, now the space will downgrade to 7 GB if you just do nothing.
So fellow the guide below as soon as possible. Save your 25GB space right now!

雖然微軟一開始就提供 25 GB 的  Skydrive 空間,
不過現在如果您什麼都不做的話,即將要縮小為 7 GB了。

趕快跟著以下的指示搶救您的 25 GB 空間吧!

Apr 16, 2012

Open multiple clients for any online game 線上遊戲的多開方法

In online games, it is usually not allow multiple client at the same time.

 Below are some possible solution that listed from the easiest  method 1 to the most complicated method 4.

 p.s. method 4, create virtual operate system, is always the useful solution.


註. 建立虛擬作業系統的方法四總是最有效的方法。

Batch adjust image brightness and contrast with GIMP 使用 GIMP 批次調整圖片亮度、對比

GIMP is a free image process software, it also have many plugin to batch edit images automatically.
GIMP 是一個免費的圖片處理軟體,還擁有許多外掛可以批次處理圖片。

Apr 14, 2012

Wirte android apps with Eclipse 使用 Eclipse 開發 android app

To build up android  develop environment need Google SDK and a good IDE.
This guide shows how to build such environment with Windows 7 64-bit.

建立 Android 開發環境需要 Google SDK 與一個好的撰寫工具,
本教學將示範在 Windows 7 64位元下的環境建置。

Environment  環境:
Windows 7 x64
JDK 1.6.31
Ecplise 3.7.2
Android SDK 2.3.3

Apr 13, 2012

Capture video screenshot with PotPlayer 使用 PotPlayer 擷取影片畫面

PotPlayer is a powerful media player that support many kinds of video type, including rm, quicktime etc.
It also have many functions for video and audio configurations.

PotPlayer 是一套支援非常多檔案類型的影音播放器,包含 rm、quicktime等。

Step 1. drag video file to PotPlayer.
步驟一. 拖拉影片檔案到 PotPlayer。

Apr 9, 2012

Install Joomla with XAMPP 使用 XAMPP 安裝 Joomla

Joomla is a powerful CMS system and XAMPP is a easy-build software for Apache, PHP and MySQL.
This guide is using Joomla 2.5.3 and poratable XAMPP 1.7.7.

Joomla 是一套強大的內容管理系統,而 XAMPP 是包含 Apache, PHP 和 MySQL 的整合軟體。
本教程採用 Joomla 2.5.3 以及免安全版的 XAMPP 1.7.7。

Mar 16, 2012

Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on VMware Player 使用免費的虛擬軟體安裝 Windows 8

VMware Player is a freeware that can run multiple operate systems in one computer.
If you wanna try Windows 8 Consumer preview, VMware Player is one the best choices.

VMware Player 是一套免費的虛擬軟體,可以在同一電腦上執行多個作業系統。
如果要嘗試 Windows 8 ,VMware Player 是最好的選擇之一。

Mar 15, 2012

Count the number of cells/values by multiple group/criteria in Excel 在 Excel 中依照多個群組計算值的次數

Excel count the number of values by countif function:
在 Excel 中可以用 countif 函數來計算值出現的次數

If we need count the number of values by multiple columns:

Rank data by group in Excel 在 Excel 中依照群組排名資料

Excel Rank function can be used to rank for single column ("Charge") data easily.
Excel 使用 rank 函數可以很容易的排序單一行的數值,這裡以charge 為例。

How about if we want to rank "Charge" by "Method" like this ?
但是如果要先依照 Method 群組後,再排名 Charge呢?

Mar 9, 2012

Enable disk cache to speed up Firefox 設定磁碟快取來加速火狐瀏覽器

Firefox browse cache usually was limited by ram size.
Firefox 的瀏覽快取通常都被記憶體大小限制住。

Using disk cache can increase more browse cache efficiency especially with SSD disk.
所以使用硬碟快取的話可以更增加快取效率,尤其是使用 SSD 硬碟。

Step 1. type "about:config" in web address bar and press Enter.
步驟一. 在網址列輸入 about:cache 並按下Enter。

Mar 6, 2012

Make subsonic support rm and rmvb format 讓 Subsonic支援 rm/rmvb

Subsonic is a software to provide streaming music and video.
It's easy to install and manage.
Try it if you like listening music and watching video online even with your smartphone!

Subsonic 是一套可以線上串流音樂與影片的軟體,