Feb 14, 2013

Change BlueStacks1/BlueStacks2 screen resolution and memory 更改 BlueStacks 螢幕大小與記憶體大小

BlueStacks can execute android app on Windows.
BlueStacks 可以在 Windows 上執行 Android 程式。

If you want to change some setting not display on BlueStacks option menu, you need to
use register editor to find the key below :
如果想要更改沒有在 BlueStacks 選單上的設定,就要在以下的註冊碼中修改。


Or change by this automation script.

Jan 3, 2013

Install SMTP server with relay 安裝 SMTP 伺服器並啟用轉發功能

A SMTP server can send mail from local machine by default.
It also can relay mail from other machine/device if relay function is enabled.

SMTP 伺服器預設只可以允許本機送出郵件。

OS: CentOS 5.3
作業系統: CentOS 5.3