Apr 16, 2012

Open multiple clients for any online game 線上遊戲的多開方法

In online games, it is usually not allow multiple client at the same time.

 Below are some possible solution that listed from the easiest  method 1 to the most complicated method 4.

 p.s. method 4, create virtual operate system, is always the useful solution.


註. 建立虛擬作業系統的方法四總是最有效的方法。

Method 1. Copy game directory and execute game client.
方法一. 複制一份遊戲目錄,然後執行遊戲程式。

Method 2.  Create a new user account and switch to the new account to execute game client .
p.s. in Windows XP, make sure "Use the Welcome screen" and Use Fast User Switching"  is enabled.

方法二. 建立新的使用者帳號,然後切換使用者執行遊戲。
註.  在 windows XP 的話,要確定使用"使用歡迎畫面"、"使用快速使用者切換"有啟用。

Method 3. Install Sandboxie and open game clinet with sandboxie
方法三 安裝沙盒軟體,並且使用沙盒來執行遊戲

Method 4. Install Virtural machine software,like free software "VMware Player", then install game in the guest OS.
方法四. 安裝虛擬機器軟體,如免費軟體"VMware Player",然後安裝遊戲在虛擬機器的作業系統裡。

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