Mar 9, 2012

Enable disk cache to speed up Firefox 設定磁碟快取來加速火狐瀏覽器

Firefox browse cache usually was limited by ram size.
Firefox 的瀏覽快取通常都被記憶體大小限制住。

Using disk cache can increase more browse cache efficiency especially with SSD disk.
所以使用硬碟快取的話可以更增加快取效率,尤其是使用 SSD 硬碟。

Step 1. type "about:config" in web address bar and press Enter.
步驟一. 在網址列輸入 about:cache 並按下Enter。

Mar 6, 2012

Make subsonic support rm and rmvb format 讓 Subsonic支援 rm/rmvb

Subsonic is a software to provide streaming music and video.
It's easy to install and manage.
Try it if you like listening music and watching video online even with your smartphone!

Subsonic 是一套可以線上串流音樂與影片的軟體,