Apr 16, 2012

Open multiple clients for any online game 線上遊戲的多開方法

In online games, it is usually not allow multiple client at the same time.

 Below are some possible solution that listed from the easiest  method 1 to the most complicated method 4.

 p.s. method 4, create virtual operate system, is always the useful solution.


註. 建立虛擬作業系統的方法四總是最有效的方法。

Batch adjust image brightness and contrast with GIMP 使用 GIMP 批次調整圖片亮度、對比

GIMP is a free image process software, it also have many plugin to batch edit images automatically.
GIMP 是一個免費的圖片處理軟體,還擁有許多外掛可以批次處理圖片。