Dec 21, 2011

View full text of RSS in Google Reader with Firefox 在 Firefox 中讀取完整全文的RSS

*. install extension: greasemonkey
在 Firefox 瀏覽器中安裝插件 Greasemonkey

*. install the script "Google Reader Preview Enhanced v1.2" for greasemonkey
再安裝 Greasmonkey 的閱讀全文 RSS 腳本 Google Reader Preview Enhanced v1.2

*. If this function works, you can see the "Preview button" on every RSS feeds
如果成功的話,在 Google Reader 的每個RSS檢視中,右下角就會有個 Preview模式。

 *. click "Preview" button and you will get whole content of the feed.
按下 "Preview" 鈕後,就可以看到完整的內容。

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