Nov 17, 2011

Add Google Analytics to Blogger 將 Google 分析加入部落格中

Although Blogger and Google Analytics both belong to Google Inc., Blogger cannot automatically get Google Analytics function.
As like the way Google Analytics works for others blog, you should add Google Analytics tracking code to your Blogger.

雖然 Blogger 與 Google 分析同屬於 Google,不過 Blogger 無法自動使用 Google 分析的功能。
與其他部落格相同,您需要在 Blogger 中貼上追蹤程式碼以結合Google 分析。

Step 1. connect to and enter your account.
步驟1. 連接至 點擊進入帳號

p.s. if you don't see any accounts yet, you should create one first.

Step 2. click "+ New Web Property" button.
步驟2. 點擊 "+ 新增網站資源" 按鈕

Step 3. Input your website information.
步驟3. 輸入網站相關資料。

Step 4. click the website you just created.
步驟4. 點擊剛剛建立好的網站名稱。

Step 5. you can see Tracking Status is "Tracking Not Installed"(after Step 6 it should be "Receiving Data")
步驟5. 剛建立好的網站接收狀態為 "未安裝追蹤" (完成步驟6之後,應該會變成"接收資料")

drag down the page to the area of  tracking code and copy the code.

Step 6. Back to the Blogger manage page.
click Layout-> Edit HTML then paste tracking code before "</head>".
Don't forget to save template!

步驟6. 回到 Blogger 的管理頁面,點擊"設計" -> "修改 HTML",
並將追蹤程式碼貼在 "</head>" 之前。

for a while, you should see "Receiving Data" status on Step 5 and Google Analytics works now.

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