Nov 16, 2011

Connect to IP blocked Japanese website (ex: 如何連上被阻擋的日本網站(如日本wiki)

Some Japanese websites are IP-blocked, you can connect these sites only if your IP address located in Japan.
There are some ways to break the limit, for example, using VPN to get a valid Japan IP address.


Method 1. Install PacketiX automatically by using IE browser.
方法1. 開啟 IE  瀏覽器自動安裝 PacketiX

Step 1. connect to
步驟1. 連接網站

Step 2. click yellow pop window and select "Install ActiveX Control..."
步驟2. 點擊上面跳出的黃色視窗並按下 "Install ActiveX Control..."

Step 3. click Install button to install VPN Software
步驟3. 按下 Install 按鈕開始安裝軟體

Step 4. click "VPN 接続の開始" button on the page and wait until software installation complete.
步驟4. 按下網頁上的"VPN 接続の開始"按鈕,等待下載安裝完成。

Step 5. If you can see the complete window like below, your got a Japan IP address !
步驟5. 如果看到以下畫面,表示以連接完成。已取得日本IP了!

p.s. you can connect to to make sure you got a Japan IP adress.
成功後可以連接 查看是否已取得日本的 IP
Mark sure you got a Japan IP address

p.s. if you want to disconnect from VPN, right click icon at bottom right corner  then select the option like below.

Method 2. Install PacketiX manually
方法二 手動安裝 PacketiX

Step 1. download PacketiX and install it.
步驟1. 下載 PacketiX 並安裝

OS VersionInstallation File
Windows 32 bitvpnclient-5351-en-win32-x86.exe
Windows 64 bitvpnclient-5351-en-win32-x64.exe
Linux 32 bitvpnclient-5350a-rtm-en-linux-x86.tar.gz
Linux 64 bitvpnclient-5350a-rtm-en-linux-x64.tar.gz

Step 2.  download configuration file at
步驟2. 下載所需的設定檔

Step 3. open PacketiX. Right click at "Create New VPN connection" and select "Import VPN Connection Setting..."
步驟3. 打開 PacketiX,並在 "Create New VPN connection" 按下右鍵選擇 "Import VPN Connection Setting..."

Step 4. select the configuration file you just downloaded at Step 2.
步驟4. 選擇在步驟2下載的設定檔

Step 5. select "Secure" option and right click on it, then select "Connect"
步驟5. 選擇"Secure"選項,再按下右鍵點選 "Connect"

Step 6. on popup window, click "Agree to the Terms of Service and start connect" button
步驟6. 在跳出的視窗中,按下"Agree to the Terms of Service and start connect" 按鈕即可進行連接

Step 7. If software success, you will see "Connected" status on program window.
步驟7: 如果成功連接,在視窗上會看到"Connected" 的狀態

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