Nov 22, 2016

Create shortcuts on desktop for chrome wep store apps 在桌面上建立Chrome Web Store Apps 的捷徑

If you want to directly launch chrome web store apps on desktop, try these steps:

Step 1.  click Apps button on chrome, then right click on any apps and select Create shortcuts.
p.s. If you don't see Apps button  on chrome, make sure bookmarks bar is enabled (hotkey: ctrl+shift+B)

步驟一. 在 chrome 點選 Apps按鈕,然後在任一個應用程式上按下右鍵選擇 Create shortcuts.
註: 如果沒有Apps的按鈕,請記得啟動顯示 bookmarks bar(熱鍵為ctrl+shift+B)

Step 2: Select where shortcut to be created and click Create.

Step3. You can directly launch app on the desktop
步驟三 現在可以直接在桌面上啟動 app了。