Mar 16, 2017

Use Putty ssh with anonymously via tor

Tor can let you access internal anonymously.
Also, Tor can be a proxy so that you can using it with any protocols( http, ssh etc.).

Step 1. download and install tor browser

Step 2. run Tor Browser and make sure it works. It will create a proxy on localhost:9015

Step 3. configure PuTTY to use proxy under Connection > Proxy, select SOCKS 5 in Proxy type, input "localhost" in Proxy hostname and input "9150" in Port.

Don't forget save configuration in Session and try it!.


  1. "Like so many other people in here I too had no idea that there was A world called Darknet.

    It would not be of any benefit to me to even go there as i find the regular net troublesom enough.

    However I do thank you for the article on this matter and it did make interesting read."

  2. A very interesting and informative hub about something that until recently I didn't know existed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us :D Voting up and hitting relevant buttons on my way out.
    Joseph Donahue

  3. Thank you, I found this article to very interesting and informative. Like some others I have heard things about the dark net but had no real knowledge of it. Your article has pulled back the covers and given a nice introductory overview. This will allow me to be able make an educated decision to look into the underbelly or not.

  4. I am a nooblet to the darknet too, have only just found out about it by reading this hub. Thank you for your explanation of what the darknet is and how to access it. Will have to check it out ;)

    Harold Burton

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