Jan 9, 2013

Free ways to run andorid app on Windows 免費在 Windows 執行Android 手機程式的方案

There are some free ways to run android app on windows.

Although neither do they support all apps...

[BlueStracks] http://www.bluestacks.com/

*. free

*. speed: slow

*. App Store: Amazon app store,Get Jar, 1Mobile

*. Install custom APK: Yes 
 =>just  click .apk file and BuleStack will launch Blue Stack APK Installer or you can open .apk with HD-ApkHandler.exe under installed BlueStacks direcotry

[Pokki] https://www.pokki.com/

*. free

*. speed: fast

*. App Store: Amazon Appstore

*. Install custom APK: No

[VitualBox + AndroVM] https://www.virtualbox.org/, http://androvm.org/blog/

*. free

*. speed: fast

*. App Store: Google Play

*. Install custom APK:Yes

p.s. Key for operate: F1, F10 for unlock screen or menu; Esc for return
操作鍵: F1, F10 螢幕解鎖或選單; Esc 返回

[YouWave] http://youwave.com/

*. paid but 10-day trial

*. speed: fast

*. App Store: none

*. Install custom APK: Yes
=> put .apk file under Youwav directory, ex C:\Users\yourname\youwave (Widnows7)

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